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River Cross - Pearl Jam


Artista / Banda: Pearl Jam
Nome da Música: River Cross
Gênero Músical: Rock
Ano de Lançamento: 2020
Tamanho do Arquivo: 5 MB
Formato do Arquivo: Mp3
Qualidade: 320 kbps
País de Origem: Brasil
Idioma: Português


Letra da Música

I always thought I’d cross that river
The other side, distant now
As I got close, it turned and widened
Horizon now, fading out

Drifting off in the undertow
Can’t spot a figure on dry land
And afterthoughts of safety
When, in truth, none to be had
None to be had

I used to tell time by my shadow
Til the thunderclouds, they took the stage
These days will end as do the light’s rays
Another read of the same page

Wide awake through this deepest night
Still waiting on the Sun
As the hours seem to multiply
Find a star to soldier on
Living beneath a lion’s paw
Knowing nothing can be tamed
Can be tamed

I want this dream to last forever
A wish denied to lengthen our time
I wish this moment was never ending
Let it be a lie that all future’s die

While the government thrives on discontent
And there’s no such thing as clear
Proselytizing and profitizing
As our will all but just disappears

Folded over, forced in a choke hold
Outnumbered and held down
And all these talk of rapture
Look around at the promise now

Here and now
Here and now
Can’t hold me down
Can’t hold me down

Won’t hold us down
Won’t hold us down

Live it out
Let it out
Get it out
Shout it out

Won’t hold us down
Won’t hold us down

Share the light
Won’t hold us down


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